The story of the house


This house, Framtíðin (The Future), has a long and colourful history.  It was a danish merchant, Gustaf Iversen, who brought the house in sections from Copenhagen and it was built in the winter 1905 to 1906.  Gustaf Ivarsen ran a shop in the house until the year 1908. He then became bankrupt and had to wind up the business.  

In 1909 to 1925 another shop was run in the house connected with a company called “Framtíðin in  the village of Seyðisfjörður.  In 1925 the house “Framtíðin” as it had come to be known by then, was bought by a danish man living in Djúpivogur. His name was Carl Bender.  Carl set up a village shop in the house, but, remarkable as it may seem, he also worked for the competition, being employed as a cashier at the Berufjörður Co-operative store (“Kaupfélag Berufjarðar”) which was founded in 1920.  

Eventually, Carl Bender sold the house in 1946 to Ingimundur Steingrímsson, postmaster and district administrator.  

The building housed the village post office for the next ten years.  

Then it was bought by Halldór Jónsson from Seyðisfjörður, who also ran a shop there. 

In 1963, the competition entered into the story of “Framtíðin” once more when the Berufjörður Co-op (Kaupfélag Berufjarðar)  purchased the house. At this point the house was renovated and redecorated and converted into a hotel.  In 1987, when the co-op ceased its operations “Framtíðin”  was sold to Óskar Steingrímsson and Stefán Arnórsson, both from Djúpivogur.  

At that time they established a company and named it “Hótel Framtíð hf”.(The Future Hotel Ltd.).  Óskar and Stefán ran the hotel for three years, until the year of 1990 when Stefán and his family bought Óskar´s share.  

Since then the hotel has been run by the family.  

The present hotel manager is a son of Stefán,  Þórir Stefánsson.